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Unearthed Festival is about unearthing something hidden within. Something that lies deep within us, sub language, sub thought, like an underground stream that connects us all and nourishes.


We are a festival that celebrates the expansion of consciousness through music and arts, talks and workshops, vegetarian food and community spirit.

Located near St Davids West Wales, 2023 is our 10th incarnation. We have been blessed with the likes of Musicians such as Macka B, Kiko Bun, Natty and sooo many more. Talks range from topics such as lucid dreaming, sustainable construction, science and spirituality. There is ceremony, various forms of yoga, meditation and chant as well as, film, comedy, kids activities, jamming around the fire, sauna and paddling pool, performing arts, massage and so much more to get involved with.


Within the context of the current geo political environment with threats of war, environmental destruction, generations of poverty and poor access to human shared assets such as health and education, Unearthed Festival is here to put down some thoughts and ideas about how we can do things better.


We aim to bridge the worlds within our communities. Artists, farmers, philosophers, bankers, monks or minors, you are welcome without judgement. We simply ask you are willing to be of open heart and open mind and help us co-create a better world, even if for just the weekend.

For each of the previous years Unearthed has run, the highlights are invariably the tales of inter connection, lovingness and individual growth. We try to add a little more to the event each year. Thanks to everyone for their feedback from last year, we hope you enjoy what we manifest this year.

Our values

  • It’s all about the vibe. No vibe No festival.
  • A festival should be a celebration. We are not simply celebrating hedonism. Other festivals do that way better than us. Though we do love a good knees up!
  • Music has a message.
  • Themes of Non-Dualism, Non-Attachment, Impermanence and Interconnection are sacred to us.
  • Emotions are infectious. We can change the world with a smile.
  • Your background is of interest, but your NOW is more so.
  • The best security is each other.
  • Kids are fantastic moderators of energy.
  • We see the next stage of human evolution being with our awareness of the physical and non physical, or simply put, the expansion of consciousness.
  • Being sustainable in how we approach life is not something to shout about. Not being sustainable is just simply daft. We also know we can do better.
  • Celebrate small steps. We are not perfect, but trying to be better individuals creates a better community and is a worthwhile endeavour. Les not beat ourselves up any more than necessary.
  • Our Community is Global. Our Community is Local.
  • We find our church in Nature, in inspirational conversation, when alone, on the dance floor!
  • We are on a journey too.
  • Don’t believe anything we say. Experience it for yourself.
  • Clothes are optional. Just be considerate. This may be focused on certain areas within the festival.
  • Freedom can be hard to find. This is a good place to find it. One rule: Don’t be a dick.

Worth noting
North Pembrokeshire is a deprived region, one of the most in Europe. Please spend time exploring Pembrokeshire and spend in the local shops. Pembrokeshire, like you, is fucking awesome.

We don’t provide meat at any festival stall. We still love our neighbours who farm. We wont judge you for bringing meat.

There is  a problem in West Wales with young folk struggling to cope and not managing well with drugs. The issue runs deep. It truly saddens us. Please help us by being part of the solution. If you reading this are struggling, please check out the links on our drugs FAQ page and or come speak to us, someone at the festival can help.

Don’t be the douchebag selling, nor the one getting kicked out. It’s a long walk home.

It’s all about the money right?
Well not in our experience! Would be nice if all the folk who contribute earned a great wage, and they deserve it. The reality for festivals like this and most others is that folk do this for the love. We spend on cool stuff to create a cool experience, and the hope we haven’t lost too much. That’s the truth. After 10 years and 9 events we do hope that this will turn around, but it’s not the prime focus. You can help by doing things like buying tickets early and sharing the love in person and online with friends and loved ones.

From everyone involved, from deep within our selves, our higher selves, thank you for reading, thank you for being, we hope to welcome you home this June.

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