Meet our Venue buddies

We at Unearthed Festival are always looking to work and collaborate with other venues, promotors and events whether they’re based in Wales or further a field. We’d love to introduce our ‘Venue Buddies’, a dynamic group of arts and entertainment venues and events. 

Each one of our Venue Buddies is unique, showcasing the rich and diverse tapestry of Pembrokeshire’s and the UK’s vibrant music and arts scene. Please take some time to check out what they have on offer and support your local venues and events, every little helps. 

Want to be a Buddy? Send us a message

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Unearthed 2024 Events Line up

We have decided to postpone the Unearthed 2024 festival until June 2025.The good news is that we plan to keep the fires burning and will be running 4 smaller events in 2024. More on this in a moment.As an independently funded festival, recovering from the difficulties post covid and the cost of living crisis, we have explored multiple options to make the main festival financially viable this year, but unfortunately running this year would risk leaving Unearthed with further losses which we just couldn’t make it back from.So, instead of risking bringing the whole festival to a close, we have decided to run 4 fundraiser events, and treat this year as a recalibration year, a chance to recuperate, whilst still bringing us together.