Frequently asked questions answered below.  If you have a different question, feel free to contact us.

Only people with a weekend ticket will be allowed into the camping area.Due to increasing demand for camper vans, which we definitely love, we are having to place a small charge and limit spaces.  It is imperative that you put blocks under the wheels of your vehicles when stationary to stop the car rolling.

No cars are allowed in the camping field, it just makes the ground muddy and difficult to drive through. There is a free car park available just 200-300m from the camping field and 100m to the main festival field.

Don’t fancy camping ? Prefer a Caravan to a tent? 

You can hire a caravan for the festival over on our accommodation page. We’re teaming up with Pembrokeshire Caravan hire who offer a range of accommodation to suit your requirements, if you’re not sure just get in touch and they’ll be able to walk you through hiring for the event.

For 2023 we’e teamed up with Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire to offer 4 & 6 berth caravans for those that want an easy and comfortable accommodation option. Head over to our accommodation page for more info on how to book. 

The site is on an old farm which has been in the organisors family for generations.

The fields are fairly level, with a tarmac lane between the camping field and festival field. If its gets wet, it can be tricky to traverse. We are aiming to improve disabled access, we too have friends who need wheel chairs. But please bare with us, as the festival grows so do our facilities, but we know we are not yet as good as we would like them to be.

We have a reserved toilet for wheel chair access, please ask a volunteer for information and a key.

You will need to purchase a dog ticket if you’re bringing yours along, these can be purchased from the ticket page. They must be well behaved, have relevant treatments / be free of infectious critters or diseases – basically don’t want flea-ridden dogs running around the place.  Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Some folk are scared of dogs, so please please keep them on a lead as it wouldn’t be fair to scare someone, even a well behaved dog could be scary.

Dog mess must be picked up immediately so no one steps in it.

Any dogs/owners not adhering to these simple requests will be asked to leave with no refund.


You don’t need them guys. Your minds and personalities a beautiful enough without them!

People, this is important. We DO NOT want drugs at Unearthed.

Whilst we recognise that humans, like other mammals, like to alter our states of consciousness, but some ways really are much more dangerous and much less on vibe with this festival.

If in doubt we are particularly talking about drugs like ketamine and cocaine. However this does extend to other drugs and with abuse can also certainly include alcohol. (Please note we do sell alcohol but sincerely ask you enjoy it in moderation, don’t go wild).

Drugs that make you less aware of your surroundings and more egotistical are just not cool.

Ketamine was recently described to us by a young member of our community as like the heroin crisis of our times. It does seem our young brothers and sisters are particularly exposed to it, but of course this applies to all.

Aside from the severe dangers of these chemical drugs (more info in the links below), they totally undermine what we are trying to achieve at Unearthed festival and seriously let us all down who work hard to create a safe space for people to expand their consciousness through other ways such as through debate and discussion, meditation, yoga and so on. If you have ever had to deal with someone who needed hospital for taking drugs you would understand the pain for the individual, friends, family, first aid workers and organisers.

Please DO NOT come to Unearthed Festival to take these hard drugs.

Drug taking holds an element of political and philosophical debate. We are on the liberal side of this debate ( E.g. California or  Portugese models possibly), but what is not debatable is the dangers of misuse and the desire not to have them at the festival.

If you are caught you will be banned.

If you are struggling with these drugs, we are here to help where we can. There are various skilled and qualified people to help talk you through problems as we understand that there are often other things going on that can lead to the desire to go down the road of hard drug taking.

Here are a couple of external links with info and help:

We don’t condone or encourage drugs.  Please be careful, and look after each other, this is a child friendly event.

The front gates will open at 9am on Friday the 16th.

The festival finishes late Sunday night (main stage off at 12.30pm followed by a silent disco in Drenchtown)

Campers are welcome from Thursday the 15th June, 12pm, we ask that all campers are kindly off site on Monday the 20th June

Box Office Opening hours:

 Thursday 11am – 10pm

Friday 9am – 12:30am

Saturday 9am – 12:30am

Sunday 9am – 10pm

Please take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footsteps.

By this we mean if you bring it, please take it away with you.

We use a local recycling company who process all waste and have a 90% plus recycling rate.

Despite this we encourage you to be aware of what you are bringing. In particular food and drink that comes in single use plastic we really encourage you to avoid.

Tickets will be available via our website, facebook and TicketSellers.

It is very much advisable to buy in advance.

The ‘Family Ticket’.

This ticket applies for two adults and up to 3 children at a reduced rate.

Vans / campers / horse boxes etc

We love live ins, but due to limited space we are charging this year. The proceeds go to covering costs associated with lots of vehicles in the fields, namely matting for the floor and 4×4’s and tractors to pull people out when stuck. This is not about profit, there is a limited number of live in vehicle spaces at a cost of £50.

We will be checking for tickets before you enter the main site, so please have your digital tickets, or printed available to be scanned when you arrive. This will take place before you enter the car park.

Box office and front gate are open from 10am until midnight.

Under 18’s

For 2023 we are asking that anyone under the age of 18 as of the 17th June 2023 to state the name and contact number of a responsible guardian for the weekend. The guardian must be 28yrs or older. This is done to help protect our younger community members should there be an accident or emergency.

We support various types of currency and see the new frontier in currency as a huge opportunity to bring access to financial tools to the people. 
We also support cash payments which are available at the festival. For those who support the crypto currency movement, you can now buy your tickets below. 
After purchasing your tickets you will be sent an email confirming your purchase. We will also have a record of your purchase. As with regular fiat currency purchases, you will subsequently receive a further email closer to the event with the ticket details you will need to access the festival. 

For 2024 we’re introducing parking tickets for day and weekend parking. Unearthed Festival is committed to preserving the natural beauty of our festival grounds. To support the upkeep of our car parking and camping fields, as well as the conservation of the land, we kindly request a small parking fee. For day visitors, parking tickets are priced at just £5, while weekend parking is £10. 

Your support not only ensures a hassle-free festival experience but also helps us maintain the beauty of our surroundings for years to come. Thank you for being a part of our sustainability efforts and for joining us in celebrating music and nature at Unearthed Festival!

All toilets are compost loos of the long drop variety.

We are building more showers and Toilets for 2024.

These are a work in progress.


Please note that whilst you are welcome to bring alcohol with you to your camp, we do not allow alcohol to be brought out of the camping area and into the main fields.


Please note that the fields of the festival are also used by livestock at other times of the year. As such we need to be really cautious about any waste, especially broken glass. 
There are also a lot of people walking barefoot at the festival. 
For these reasons we do not allow any glass into the main arenas. 
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