Thanks for wanting to Get involved!

We would love to be able to welcome you. Below are the different places you can apply to get involved with. Please click the one you feel most suitable. There is additional explanatory text at the start of each form.


Peaceful Wishes,


Bands & Dj's

Apply here if you're a band, DJ or artist and would like to play at Unearthed Festival

volunteers & stewards

Apply here to volunteer and be apart of the unearthed festival team!

Workshops, Talks, incl Yoga/Meditation/healing and other

Apply here if you'd like to run a workshop, do a talk or offer yoga, meditation or healing.

Walk Around Performances and Circus Applications

If you can offer walk around or circus performances apply here

art installations

We offer artists the opportunity to bring along artwork of all kinds to display at the festival.

Traders Incl Food & Drink

Apply here to bring along your stalls from food and drink to clothes, jewellery and everything inbetween.

venue & area producers

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