5Rhythms - Alex Mackay and Joe Caswell

About the facilitator:

Alex Mackay trained with 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth in New York in the 1990s, and was apprenticed to her for 20 years. She teaches internationally including Italy, Canada,  Hungary and Spain. She lives locally and offers 5Rhythms in Wales at classes in Cardigan, at wild camps at Spirithorse and imput at Charlotte Church’s retreat centre The Dreaming. She is working with 3 dazzling musicians with a lot of experience touring with bands, playing for ceremonies, carnivals, and dance. Joseph Caswell, Simon Anderson and Jake Madhatter bring a huge array of instruments, talent and power to propel our dancing feet

About the session:

In dancing 5Rhythms we unearth freedom in movement vocabulary, track perceptions and memories; seek out gestures; tune into instincts and intuitions. They initiate us back into the wisdom of our bodies and our healing path. We will be moving to great live music as we find some energy, creativity and peace of mind.

Alex Mackay trained with 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth in the 1990’s in New York, lives locally and teaches the practice internationally. She is working with 3 dazzling musicians: Joseph Caswell, Simon Anderson and Jake Madhatter – creating powerful live music in the moment.

5Rhythms: Dance Detectives – let’s begin the investigation with clues to which of the 5Rhythms is our own home rhythm, our unique place in the map: where to shine and when to rest, and how the 5Rhythms can support us in many ways. Curiosity is vital

5Rhythms: Summer Breeze – learning from what is effortless and helps us feel free. Valuing delicious dances when we can put down burdens, avoid the shoulds, and shapeshift into something new

5Rhythms: Cathedral of Bones – this session follows optional body painting!

“We don’t spend enough time seeking in the cathedral of bones for the poetic” Gabrielle Roth speaking about how often we relate to each other at a superficial level. In this dynamic dive into the 5Rhythms, we will become curious about our differences, and how to meet the soul in each other and ourselves. Affirming the mysterious and poetic, the shared humanity embodied in the spine and ribs, fingers and toes

5Rhythms: Compassion in Action – Our capacity to inhabit our deep, loving selves expands as we give our attention to the changing truth of the moment. Seeking out 5 different forms of compassion as an active, dynamic movement practice.

Alex and Joe
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