Bear Love & SHION

About the facilitator:

Bear Love and Shion Buschner will be your main hosts at the Sacred Sound Unearthed marquee.

They share a sacred life of which their sound medicine is an expression of their hearts and their love.


About the session:

There will be early morning Qigong practices, accompanied by the sound of the gong, which will facilitate effortless dropping into stillness, healing movement and essential Being. There will be sound journeys that arise from the moment, dedicated to the well-being of the participants, involving gong, flutes, harmonium, voice, bells and many other magical sound tools.

People can also have the opportunity to experience the healing power of Bear with the Giant Golden Gong on their own or with a partner; a sacred sound experience that is unparalleled and profoundly transformational.

There will also be collaborations with our Beloved friend Michaela Williams in a guided trance that is supported by Sacred sound and everyone else on the Sacred Sound program in a grand sound improvisation finale .

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