T-Shirt Competition design spec

Design Specs 

Your design must include the logo either in full with our festival phrasing below the design being optional. We’ve also included some buzzwords for inspiration below.

Design needs to be:

High res 

PNG format 


One colour only 

Location – Back of tee 

Send it in by: 9am – March 22nd 

Final design decided by: Tim, Dan and The Team 

The winning entry will receive tickets to all 2024 events, 2025 Unearthed Festival ticket and the winning tee design

Entries displayed on our website for the festival year 2024, Top 5 designs will be sent out to our community in the festival newsletter and published on our socials. 

Final design goes on sale approx 5th April 

Email designs to [email protected]

Downloadable logo for designers

Buzz words/Inspiration

  • Welsh Folklore
  • Ceridwen
  • Celtic Goddess of Rebirth 
  • Welsh Fairies
  • Tylwyth Teg  (Fair Family)
  • Dod yn ôl at Fy Nghoed
  • Year of the Dragon 
  • Fire 
  • Impermanence interconnection
  • illusion of separation
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