Earth Voice Arts

About the facilitator:

An unstoppable force of creative, magical flow, the vibrant, playful Welsh sisters, Robin and Akash come together to co-create with you a journey and exploration into our hearts true expression! Opening  the imagination, our bodies and vocal chords, be sure to join this offering to kick start a weekend of whatever you desire it to be! 

About the session:

Both sisters were introduced to holding space through their training Biodanza in 2009. They have continued to develop this skill by working with family constellations, (Akash completed the training in 2019 and offers sessions locally) and completing a local Celtic Shamanic Sound Healing course in 2022.

 Both sisters grew up with dance, singing and drama from a young age, taking part in the National Youth Dance Wales company and later on training in Argentine Tango. Akash teaches a regular class locally and taught abroad alongside some of Europe’s most honoured teachers. They are both honoured to share their passions and hope to inspire others to find theirs too. 

‘To be at home within your body and it’s truest expression: real freedom.’

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