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About the facilitator:

Jewels has been passionate about creating a better world from as far back in her life as her teen years. She has spent much of her life involved in activism in various ways. She has always held a deep connection to the more than human world and a calling to contribute to a world of balance. With over 30 years experience supporting thousands of people to make profound shifts in their lives, Jewels brings a rare wealth of experience, wisdom and skills. Because of this, she is able to meet the wild edges of transformation both personally and collectively – she knows the landscapes that lie on the other side of such a shift. Those who know her work refer to Jewels to as a natural group leader, a soul alchemist, an earth steward, a womb-wisdom keeper, high priestess and a wild force of nature. She aspires to be all these things, but above all to be an educator and a catalyst for deep transformation.

Jewels works with the edges of life and the aliveness of the places in us we fear to meet. She is devoted to bringing these places out of exile and back into the realm of love. She has been a spiritual seeker since childhood and asked those deep questions about life: why we are here. Blessed with a natural gift for creating transformational fields of energy within which people come to deeper awakening and embodied love, Jewels brings a rich alchemy of embodied earthy wisdom, clarity, creativity, fluid sensuality, maverick humour, fierce love and passion to co create a world we all want to be a part of. Jewels’ work is unique, and is widely recognised for its earthy approach to the evolution of humanity. It is inspired by the indigenous traditions and teachings of these Celtic lands, embedded in an intuitive connection with its nature, its ancestral pathways and the energetic interconnected web of life, bringing sacredness to the ordinary and showing how ordinary things can become sacred.

About the session: Circles of Belonging 

An experiential relational encounter on the theme of Belonging. So many of us are expressing a feeling of being lost in our lives, without deep meaning and just ticking along surviving. Many of us long to be part of community or to our ‘tribe’ and to feel we’re welcome, that we have a place, that we are cared for and loved and have a sense of meaning to our lives. Our modern lives can leave us feeling alone, overwhelmed, isolated or over giving. This is an invitation to come and meet in the heart of belonging in a safe, authentic and deep way.

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