About the facilitator:

My first laughter yoga session at a festival was in 2012 and the current way I run the sessions is with no reference to yoga at all and loads of silly games to get the laughter flowing! I also run sound baths and spoken guided meditation. I teach simple anti anxiety and relaxation techniques too. I believe in a healthy balance to looking after mind, body, and spirit. Laughter yoga is a great and simple way to connect with all 3 aspects.

About the session:

Fake it ’till you make it! Then let contagious real laughter take over. A laughter yoga session starts with simple introductions, games and exercises that all involve laughing from fun prompts. Then we move to laugh through lots of quick daft exercises that build up into a big lying down belly laugh towards the end before a simple grounding.

Laughter yoga is great for mind, mood, body and soul. Anyone can join in. The only kit you might need is something to lie down on at the end. The sessions can be quite physical so bring water

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