About the facilitator:

Rhys Rogers is a UK Qualified practising Physiotherapist. 12 years experience working in Acute hospitals in the UK, both in the private and public sector. 10 years studying QiGong and TaiChi. His expertise uses a combination of western medical model physiotherapy and eastern healing art forms to heal, rehabilitate and improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases or recovering from surgery, traumatic injury or acute medical illness.

Travelling the world and studying under a number of masters and learning philosophical knowledge from a diverse range of cultures. With a fitness background of surfing, swimming, crossfit and martial arts his treatment and exercise programmes are exciting, intuitive, holistic and cutting edge. His vision of the future is to combine the best practise of the traditional healing art forms with modern day physiotherapy techniques. To create a holistic self healing system, powered by mind, body and soul.

About the session:

Explore the Yin and Yang Qigong styles within the Shaolin system. Discover grounding, oneness and a connection to source energy through ancient breathing techniques, subtle and strong postures and seated meditative practices. Cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and supercharge healing. An esoteric dive into the mysteries of Shaolin meditative techniques. Meditate like a warrior. Rhys is an experienced Physiotherapist and leads a body and mind centred practice, incorporating eastern traditional Chinese martial arts techniques with modern physiotherapy knowledge and evidence.

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