Shivam O’Brien

About the session:

Shivam will unleash a Russian Fairytale in his uncompromising evocative style, and talk about the work of Spirit Horse, the wildest retreat place in Britain and the importance of finding the wild and natural in people, culture, land and tribe. 

About the facilitator:

Shivam O’Brien is a founder, community chieftain & workshop leader. A storyteller, carpenter, ritual poet, ceremonialist, enlightenment intensive master, tribal leader, writer, pilgrim and lover of the woods and the wild. Shivam exemplifies the Celtic tradition, and brings a reverence for indigenous and spiritual traditions from anywhere that might loan us enough time-honored wisdom to become real people again.

Steeped in story, ritual and the wood smoke and earthiness of ancient ways, he is the originator of these courses and this unique camp and settlement. 

Shivam has worked with men and women in community and retreat for over 30 years. He brings together wisdom gleaned from shamanic rooted culture and Indian and Buddhist sources. His style is relaxed, wild, adventurous, challenging, welcoming and fun. Polished over many years in service to the teachings and ceremonials of East and West. Some of his teachers are legendary. 

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