Gwynvyd is the name given to one of the Druidic realms meaning (Enlightenment, State of pure Happiness, joy) As in many cultures there is an existence of three realms. The Material World in which we live, The underworld where our souls wait to reincarnate and the spirit realm. The druids are our ancestral connection to Welsh shamanism and the ancient natural ways here in Wales. 

To the Druids Annwn, Abred and Gwynvyd represent these realms.

Annwn – The underworld, the place where our souls go to after our transition through death – From Annwn our souls reincarnate into Abred – The material world – The Physical Realm, in which we walk our conscious existence. Here is where we learn our lessons and experience our rites of passage.

Only when our souls have reached a place where our lessons are learnt, Our hearts are full with love and we no longer need to reincarnate to Abred, we pass to Gwynvyd. This is where we remain in peace, and harmony.


Gwynvyd – Unearthed 2023

Is a space of deep Healing and Liberation; with host of facilitators and workshops. Holding space for you to step into and connect to your deepest inner workings to heal, transform and realign.
Working in the balance of our divine Feminine and Divine masculine, through the medium or music, sound, breathe, movement and meditation.  

Gwynvyd will also be a healing Space for our therapists providing everyone an opportunity to relax, and tend to their bodies, mind and spirit physically.

The Space for facilitators and workshops will be a 10m heated. It will be located in Temple.

A quiet, alcohol free area to the festival. This also applies to our therapist and healers. 

Cha Dao- Zen Tea Ceremony

Steep into the ancient practice of Chao Dao- The Way of Tea. Sit in silence. Tune into listening to your senses without judgment. Allow yourself to be free and open your heart space as you welcome the host, Chajin(tea person) to serve a living tea full of Qi. Tea is known to heal on all levels; medicinally, and to the intangible.

Earth Healer, Self Healer

Part 1 :The ancient art of Earth Healing, Sacred Sites, Energy Lines, Toning and Transcendental awareness. A circle and talk on the personal awakening path in relationship with the wellbeing of the world.Part 2:The introduction to art of transcendental Mantra meditation. Sacred toning and group meditation session.Both session can be attended independently of each other, yet to attend both would broaden and deepen the connection.

Soma Harmonies

Soma Harmonies, a free flow partner dance, weaves together threads of mindful, passionate and fearless presence. I offer it as a sacred practice of grounding, expression, relating and creativity. Working with intimacy and vulnerability, Soma Harmonies reveals the great depths of what makes us emotional human beings and strives to satisfy our needs for greater conscious connections.

Red Tent

Every woman's voice is sacred. It is my honour to help give space for women to be witnessed and heard in the red tents and workshops that I have been running for around eight years in my local area on the northern edge of the Preseli hills.I look forward to sharing Unearthed with you and welcoming you to the red tent where you are invited to a women's sharing circle, meditation and woman themed activity. This red tent is open to any person who identifies as female, and there are up to 12 spaces available for the session. Please bring something to sit on and a bottle of water or soft drink.

Clairvoyant Readings & healing

Spiritual Clairvoyant Readings, Omni Healing, Crystal Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing, Hot Stone Massage too

Sacred Woman Sacred World

In this circle Eartha will share the map of our souls evolution, through conscious dying experiences. She will be using the ancient Indian instrument, the Tanpura to hold a sacred soundscape with guided mediation to the heart temple for the ecstatic journey of our soul.

Intro to Neuroscience of Flow States (being 'in the zone')

It turns out that flow states are trainable - and anyone (regardless of age, gender, cultural/ethnic/background origins, etc) can learn it because it’s based on the fact that we all biologically function in the same ways. I will talk through the basics and most important concepts and have a Q+A session (or ongoing, depending on room/energy). Come to deepen your understanding of Flow States and as a result, experience more of them in your life.

Psychedelics for Transformational Addiction Recovery

Learn about transformational addiction recovery and how psychedelics can be used to catalyse change. We will discuss sacred medicines like Psylocibin, Iboga, Ayahuasca, and Mescaline, as well as synthetic tools such as MDMA and Ketamine. Learn why preparation and integration of the experience is the key to successful transformation and recovery.

EVA Earth Voice Arts

We invite you on a powerful group journey of expression, connection, intuition and release for personal and collective empowerment. It will nourish your need for deeper embodied connection to Mother Earth, your Ancestors, your tribe and your voice.

Escape Your Chains

Unearthed's vision is "to create a better, more compassionate, understanding world"How do we do this when we clash?We'll demonstrate how everyone can get heard & know they matter, using a framework to restore relations & create solutions to consider everyone's needs. Learn a practical & whole different approach to welcome conflict.The framework is called Nonviolent Communication (NVC) or Compassionate Communication. It helps individuals, families, communities, & organisations navigate tensions compassionately, create win-win outcomes without compromise. Warning: NVC involves a paradigm shift!After NVC tasters people have said things like "I was blown away" & "Totally Inspiring".

Integrating the inner Masculine and Feminine

A workshop for Men. Using exercises, somatic practices, group encounter and sharing, together we can explore the gendered and universal qualities of how these 2 energies play out in our lives and within us. Awareness of a non-dual, wholeness and unity of consciousness can help us to deeply appreciate the subtleties or who we are in the world in relation to our sex, sexuality and gender

Soma HarmoniesHomeopathic Acute Clinic and Balinese Massage

Lucie Homeopathy: Lucie's main focus will be providing an understanding of what homeopathy can offer for yours and your family's long term health and wellbeing. There will be free 15 minutes taster session and free giveaway remedy mini kits. She will also be offering on site treatments for acute ailments (headaches, fever, sunstroke, hangover, sore throats, coughs/colds and such).Alice: offers Balinese massage alongside Reiki treatments.

Our Sacred Earth Meditation

'Our Sacred Earth Meditation' is a Dance Shake Meditation an active movement meditation to uplifting music to bless our Sacred Earth!

Eye gazing/ Soul searching

How many of us can say we have sat down with another and gazed in their eyes for longer than 30 seconds? It's usually about that point we start to feel extremely uncomfortable and exposed. What if we dared to go through that uncomfortable feeling, and just allowed the other person to witness you beyond the physical? Alot of feelings can arise when gazing but with experienced facilitator's we offer a safe space where vulnerability is welcome. If you can remain open for just a few short minutes and have no expectations it can get seriously trippy, funny, playful or it can be a really gentle experience. Either way it can leave you feeling soul soothed and more deeply connected to humanity.

Shakti moves through the Sacred sounds of the womb

A facilitated movment to awaken the 8 grail gates of the womb. Using the sacred sounds of the womb channelled by Azara Bertrand. Daniella will guide you through each grail gate using voice, drum and movement to awaken the voice of the womb, conttecting you to your shakti and inner womb wisdom.

The Embodied Nervous System - finding regulation, flow, joy and delight!

Exploring the role of the autonomic nervous system in terms of stress and using a range of embodiment techniques to support self regulation, finding balance, joy and connection. Techniques include breath, body based exercises and movement.

Holistic Therapy Sessions

I offer one-to-one bodywork Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Thai Yoga Massage Reflexology
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