Temple Arena

Temple Arena returns for the second year in a row providing a free weekend long wellness retreat to festival goers.

A place where self-care is key and everything from pioneering global dance movements to meditation are available to help soothe your soul, Temple Arena is more like a dynamic wellness retreat and spa than an all night party.

From hot tubs and saunas (FREE to use throughout the weekend) to cacao ceremonies, sound baths, pilates, improvised dance and much, much more, Temple Arena helps remove the stresses of daily life and lets festival goers find their own inner peace.

And did we mention it’s programmed from 7am-2am? Whether you’re a lark or an owl find a rhythm that suits you (and why not try the world acclaimed 5-rhythm dancing while you’re at it?

With bars serving solely non-alcoholic beverages and with a plethora of fresh fruit and vegetarian food, come nourish your body and mind and soul.

Bear Love & Shion

Bear Love and Shion Buschner will be holding a transformation sound immersion with the Golden Gong. They share a sacred life of which their sound medicine is an expression of their hearts and their love.

Jewels Wingfield

Circles of Belonging Workshop. Jewels has been passionate about creating a better world from as far back in her life as her teen years. She has spent much of her life involved in activism in various ways.

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall is a world-renowned Singer-Songwriter, qualified Qi Gong Teacher, Sound Therapist and Creative Facilitator she has crowdfunded, released and toured six albums worldwide.

Bonnie Medicine

Bonnie Medicine is a singer, songweaver and medicine musician from Scotland, who's unique song and sound is inspired by both her own celtic lands and with those of the jungle, the east, and the americas.

Alex Mackay and Joe Caswell

Alex Mackay trained with 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth in New York in the 1990s, and was apprenticed to her for 20 years.She teaches internationally including Italy, Canada, Hungary and Spain. She lives locally and offers 5Rhythms in Wales at classes in Cardigan, at wild camps at Spirithorse and imput at Charlotte Church's retreat centre The Dreaming.She is working with 3 dazzling musicians with a lot of experience touring with bands, playing for ceremonies, carnivals, and dance. Joseph Caswell, Simon Anderson and Jake Madhatter bring a huge array of instruments, talent and power to propel our dancing feet

Rick Nodine

Rick spent 10 years working as a dancer and 20 years teaching at London Contemporary Dance School. He now teaches in the world to anyone who wants to dance. He loves to teach Contact Improvisation because it changes what people think/feel is possible.

Earth Voice Arts

An unstoppable force of creative, magical flow, the vibrant, playful Welsh sisters, Robin and Akash come together to co-create with you a journey and exploration into our hearts true expression! Opening the imagination, our bodies and vocal chords, be sure to join this offering to kick start a weekend of whatever you desire it to be!


Elemental are a musical duo that share delicious English Mantras of healing and teachings received from the essential Elements that make all of life thrive. Elemental is a creative journey working with Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether and the incredible teachings these Essential Elements offer.


With an eclectic background in techno, drum & bass, alt rock and jazz, Gavin Brockis and collaborators bring an experimental and sensory ambient audiovisual vibe to the late night Temple Arena, as the GROK collective

Indigo Latto

Come to Indigo’s Ecstatic Dance and move together! We dance to global happy melodies and funky rhythms! Consciously connecting as one joy filled mass of dancers, celebrating how amazing we really are! Simply dancing ecstatically, wild and free!

Shivam O’Brien

Shivam will unleash a Russian Fairytale in his uncompromising evocative style, and talk about the work of Spirit Horse, the wildest retreat place in Britain and the importance of finding the wild and natural in people, culture, land and tribe.

Rhys Rogers

Rhys Rogers is a UK Qualified practising Physiotherapist. 12 years experience working in Acute hospitals in the UK, both in the private and public sector. 10 years studying QiGong and TaiChi. His expertise uses a combination of western medical model physiotherapy and eastern healing art forms to heal, rehabilitate and improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases or recovering from surgery, traumatic injury or acute medical illness.

Suzi MacGregor

Suzi MacGregor is a versatile vocalist, performer, and writer, making solo and collaborative music with crossovers into theatre. She’s performed professionally, in the UK and internationally, for 15 years, developing her practise as a songwriter, vocal mentor, and performance artist. Her voice and composition style range from the ethereal folk-tones of Joni Mitchell to the more ballad-pop style akin to singer and composer Sara Bareilles.

Bhakti Ananda

Celebratory Kirtan and Mantra chanting with Bhakti Ananda. Ecstatic singing and dancing to the Divine with beautiful sacred music. Join this Kirtan event where we will be chanting and singing mantra and bhajans in Sanskrit from the ancient teachings of India. Open to anyone, it is a powerful journey into the heart, promoting bliss, peace and love which has the capacity to change ones life, for the better!

The Lammas Groove

The Lammas Groove is a quartet of talented Women playing music inspired from the heart of Nature and Life. Creating sonic magic with Orchestral Harp, guitars, shamanic drums, udu, Ngoni, percussion and vocal harmonies ... these songs resonate deeply in the hearts of all that hear.

Laughter Yoga

Fake it 'till you make it! Then let contagious real laughter take over. A laughter yoga session starts with simple introductions, games and exercises that all involve laughing from fun prompts. Then we move to laugh through lots of quick daft exercises that build up into a big lying down belly laugh towards the end before a simple grounding. Laughter yoga is great for mind, mood, body and soul. Anyone can join in. The only kit you might need is something to lie down on at the end. The sessions can be quite physical so bring water Creating sonic magic with Orchestral Harp, guitars, shamanic drums, udu, Ngoni, percussion and vocal harmonies ... these songs resonate deeply in the hearts of all that hear.
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