Speak Easy Tent  – the NEW Comedy Theatre and Talks Tent at Unearthed 2023!

Ladez and Gentles. Welcome to Unearthed’s sparkling NEW Speak Easy tent! Your pleasure is all ours  for 3 days of comedy, theatre and inspirational talks! With theatre from no other than the beloved MSG cabaret , National Theatre Wales Team, The Show of Freaks and The Church of Phil…stand up comedy including that guy who won Britain’s Got Talent aka Noel James plus all the hilariousness from Claire Ferguson Walker and so much more –  you just wait! Not to mention children’s theatre and workshops and a host of people who will talk about stuff that will make you want to pick up your shovel and start digging for victory or more to the point, revolutionary 21st century lushness of life! We welcome you with open arms! 

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