Steppen Roots Stage

Potts and Jammin

Take Bonhams right foot, the arms of Chad Smith, The pipes of that bloke from The Black Keys or maybe Paul Rodgers circa 1969, and the heaving guitar riffs of an early Rage Against The Machine album, throw it all together and you come somewhere close to the Rural Rock Magnificience of these two life long friends. Massively Soulful, Catchy like Goaly Gloves, and thoroughly entertaining.


A resident DJ with the psybass label & collective Shanti Planti, DreamFaerie has played around the globe at psychedelic gatherings such as Motion Notion in BC Canada, Wormhole in San Fran, Cali, S.U.N. Festival in Hungary, Own Spirit & Hueznar Festival in Spain, SUTI Festival in Portugal, & homeland treats.. Anthropos Festival, Triplicity Festival, Pollen Tribe, & Tribe of Frog.
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